Own a Piece of Ireland

Now you can purchase a small plot of land, one square foot in size, in the timeless Irish countryside. A unique and original gift for only US$49.99

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I received my package today! I am so excited!!! The certificates are beautiful. Now if only St. Patrick's Day would hurry up and get here so I can give it to my boyfriend. Irish through and through, I know he is going to love it!

Ginger G, USA

Our family and friends were in awe when we told them we bought land in Ireland and was transferring it to the winner of our St Patricks Day party hat contest. I think you could have heard a pin drop among the 65 people in attendance, when we mentioned

Tom R, USA

Gentlemen - I just received my piece of Ireland and I am thrilled with the presentation. This is to be a graduation gift for my daughter. We visited Ireland together last May for my 50th birthday and now it is her dream to move there one day. She has immersed herself in all things Irish since we have returned - food, music, movies, literature and legends. She is going to love this gift.

D. Matthews, USA

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