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BuyIreland.com was founded by us, John Beckett and Thomas Linehan, in 2003. We recognised that Ireland holds a very special place in the hearts of millions of people around the world, but for many of these people visiting or owning property in Ireland is a dream that may never come true.

John Beckett and Thomas Linehan, Buy Ireland founders

We set out to establish a way for anyone who calls Ireland their spiritual or ancestral home, or who simply admires the uniquely Irish blend of unspoilt natural beauty and rich cultural diversity, to be able to say that they have their very own piece of Irish countryside.

We spent many, many months planning and working with legal experts to ensure that people from all walks of life, wherever in the world they live, could own a small plot of land – one square foot in size – in the beautiful rural countryside in Ireland, without the normal expense and difficulty involved in the purchase of property. The legal documents that you receive with your order were prepared by one of the most respected law firms in Ireland, so you can be sure of the legality and legitimacy of your documentation.

Since 2003, we are proud that people from over 100 countries around the world have become land owners with BuyIreland.com. We’ve been featured on dozens of television and radio shows around the world – from the US and Canada to the UK, South Africa, Russia and Australia. We’ve also been featured in popular publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

We welcome land owners to visit their plot and every order includes directions and detailed maps showing how to find your land. Now Google Street View has also enabled land owners to become virtual visitors and to explore the surrounding area from the comfort of their homes.

We’re delighted to present BuyIreland.com to the world – we hope you will enjoy owning a little piece of our Emerald Isle.

John & Thomas