It is our aim to bring a smile to the face of everyone who opens a package from 

The following is a picture of the personalised property ownership pack you receive when you purchase a plot of land. It is a fun and original gift pack, and is professionally produced with the highest quality materials. More information on the contents of the pack is provided below.

Buy Ireland certificate pack

Included with every order is:

  • A Personalised Certificate of Ownership: The certificate is printed on high quality parchment paper and has details of the plot owner, the individual plot number assigned to the owner, and an individual certificate number. It also makes reference to the deed of assurance which outlines the terms and conditions associated with your ownership of the plot. There is also gold foil detailing and we hope you will frame the certificate and display it as an interesting conversation piece.
  • Personalised Deed of Assurance: The deeds fully outline our responsibilities to you as owners of the land, and also outline the rules that should be adhered to when you visit your plot. We have mapped out special paths or rights-of-way to help you locate your property on the grid maps attached to the deed. The deed is also printed on high quality parchment paper, and is suitable for framing alongside the certificate of ownership if you wish.
  • Photographs: We include two photographs of the land with every plot. The photos are good quality prints and are also suitable for framing if you wish.
  • Directions: Ireland is famous for its poor signposting, so we decided it was important to include detailed directions to help you find your plot of land should you ever have the opportunity to visit in person! The following Google Street View shows the location of the property – feel free to explore the area! 

Here are some photographs of the property and beautiful surrounding area. The first 4 images were taken in Spring/Summer time, while the last 4 images were taken in Autumn/Winter. You can clearly see how much the area changes with the seasons.