Giving the unique and interesting gift of a piece of land in Ireland as a birthday gift has brought excitement to hundreds of people since was founded in 2003. 

Many people can be very difficult to buy gifts for, but a plot of land in Ireland is almost always greeted with surprise and delight by recipients. Men and women, young and old alike - everyone loves receiving the unique and unusual birthday gift of property in Ireland. 

You want it to be special, and to speak volumes to and about the receiver. Ideally a birthday gift would make the receiver smile every time they see it. Buying an Irish birthday gift can be even harder as many Irish gifts seem cliché. However, here at Buy Ireland you can purchase a creative Irish present that is not only unique, but integrally Irish. To give a present of a plot of land will not only create and evoke memories, but it is a spark for the imagination like no other.

With an Irish gift of a patch of land, your loved one can be in their house in America, or Australia or anywhere and still be connected to Ireland. They can look out their window onto sunshine and imagine the moonbeams that will be hitting their land in Ireland at the exact same time. They can see the thick green grass in their mind, and who knows? 

Perhaps the first daffodil of spring will grow on their very own piece of land, their Irish gift from someone who knows them inside out and knows how important their connection to Ireland truly is.