The original, unusual and unique gift of a piece of land in the Irish countryside is one of the most thoughtful gifts available. has worked hard to create an original, timeless and fun gift, and the many testimonials we have received from happy customers go to show how successful this has been.

Buy Ireland has definitely some of the most unusual and unique gifts available online. What makes our gift so unique is its elegantly designed parchment with official stamps that verify its authenticity. Each plot of land is creatively personalised including photos and directions.

It makes for an ideal gift - a Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, christenings, Saint Patrick's Day, weddings or birthdays or for anyone with a hint of Irish in them as it is a great reminder of their unique heritage and how great it is to be Irish. Each certificate has the receivers name making it personalised and unique to that person which is why it is an ideal Irish gift.